About Dr. Stadtner

Picture of Rebecca StadtnerMy interest in the ways that relationships influence individuals and vice versa, is what ties together my various experiences in the field of counseling psychology, from my days as a student therapist in training through the present. This interest has influenced everything from my choice of research topics, to the parent classes and workshops I lead, to the way I practice individual and marriage counseling, and especially to my extensive training in group therapy. Nowhere is the reciprocal influence of individual and relationship more clear than in group therapy. Group counseling holds tremendous potential to speed up and to sustain individual growth. For this reason, much of my post-graduate education has focused on group therapy, which remains a central part of my current psychology practice, along with my work as an individual and family counselor, marriage therapist, and leader of parenting classes.

Licensure and Appointments:

  • California Psychology License No. PSY 22078 (current)
  • Texas Psychology License: 2-4725 (retired)
  • Qualified Medical Evaluator No. 128913


  • Ph.D., Counseling Psychology Training Program, The University of Texas at Austin, 1991
  • B.A. Liberal Arts, Raymond College, University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA, 1970

Workshops, Presentations, Research

  • 2004-2006:“Holding on and Letting Go”
    A psychoeducational group for parents of adolescents. (With Mark White, LMSW-ACP) Austin, TX

  • September, 2003:“Easing the Transition from High School to College: Survival Techniques for Parents and Students”
    A psychoeducational group for adolescents and parents. (With Claire Usher Miner, Ph.D.) Austin, TX

  • August, 1993:“Dealing with the Effects of Secondary PTSD”
    Workshop for teachers and mental health workers in Austin Independent School System. (With Lois Graham, Ph.D.) Austin, TX

  • August, 1991:"Early Adolescent Friends’ Interaction: Associations Among Participant Characteristics, Similarity and the Expression of Mutuality"
    Doctoral Dissertation, University of Texas at Austin.

  • November, 1988:“Tying Adolescent Self-Esteem to Family Interaction Patterns: Insight from the Elusive Link Between Achievement and Self-Esteem”
    Paper presented at Symposium: Separation and Connectedness in Early Adolescent Relational Systems. Texas Psychological Association, Austin, Texas.

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